The disposable crisis project
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A creative charity project by Indra Moonen

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Shoot film with a mission and share your view


Q: Who can participate in this project?
A: Everyone! So not just photographers but anyone who wants to share their view on the crisis is welcome to enter!

Q: Which Crisis are you talking about?
A: The current economical crisis.

Q: Which charity will the money be going to?
A: The Fair Trade Organization

Q: Why work with disposable cameras and not digital entries?
A: Because I want to warrant the authenticity of the images publishes in the book. Too much digital manipulation already. I want to present something as close to reality as it can be.
Also, because it makes the project just that much cooler ;-)

Q: Can I also use a disposable camera so you won’t have to send me one?
A: Sure! That would be a great way of sponsoring this project. There’s a downloadable manual (Disposable Crisis Project) which you can print out and attach to your camera so the one next in line to you will know how to deal with it. Remember to photograph the note with your info for starters !

Q: Can I also send you film which I have exposed using my normal camera?
A: Yes. Also possible. I’ll take care of the development if you haven’t. The advantage here is that shipping a roll of film is probably cheaper than the entire camera. The only thing I do not prefer are digital images. Polaroids are also welcome. You can write the info on the polaroid itself.

Q: Will all the photos end up in the book?
A: That depends on how many entries I’ll get. If there are too many I’ll have to make a selection. This selection is not up for debate.
However, ALL of the images will be included on this website and on the Facebook page.

Q: How long will this project take?
A: I'll be sending disposable cameras until about July 2012. I hope to get them back by the end of this year so I can start with the book January 2013 so that it'll be in stores around May 2013.


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