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Posted on April 16, 2012

I'm happy to announce that over half of the total of planned cameras have been shipped to people all over the world!

On top of that there are numerous cameras out there donated by people that wanted to join this project and that way helped me save money on shipping etc.

I would like to thank everyone that helped in any way so far! The responses from people all over the world really made this journey worth it already. I'm looking forward to what else will come on our path and seeing this book come through (true it WILL be ;-))

I've sent 20 cameras to a friend in Greece. We went to photo college together and she partially lives in Greece now. She was more than willing to help spread the cameras there as she lives amongst locals and knows a whole bunch of people there, including lots of foreigners as well.

I also passed on 5 cameras to a daughter of a college of mine who will be traveling to Cambodja and Thailand for a school project. It's a unique way of getting cameras there and I'm looking forward to the results! To see more about their project and/or support it check this link.

151 down, 149 to go. Help me make it! If the number of 300 will not be met, no worries. The book will be there anyway. Just make sure you send back those cameras!

Anyway, thanks so far everyone, that's what I wanted to share!

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