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News - Interview-on-Radio-1-Nog-steeds-wakker

Interview on Radio 1 "Nog steeds wakker"

Posted on June 6, 2012

Yesterday I got a phone call from Radio 1, this is a national radio station, who wanted to do a short interview with me about the project. Of course I said yes!

The show they had me planned on is called "Nog steeds wakker" which means "Still awake". As the title suggests or at least slightly indicates this was planned at a rather late hour...or should I say early. It was a live interview taken that very night at 3:03 AM (!). I'm always in for fun stuff so I got up at 2:30 AM to prep myself a little so I wouldn't sound too tired. Beneath I'll post a link to the interview and sorry..again in Dutch ;-)

I promised to translate the written interviews a while back but I've been sooooo busy I haven't found the time to pull this one off. I hope you don't mind too much..maybe time to start a course in Dutch... ;-)

If you click on the 3 o'clock version there's some news first and then the topic follows pretty much straight away.


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