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News - Returned-Footage

Returned Footage

Posted on July 7, 2012

Yes yes. The time has come to show some of that footage! I received two cameras back already (yes already, they're traveling all over the world so it'll take awhile for them to travel all the way back ;-) ) and a couple of images made by people using their own cameras, some digital, some made on real film.

It's truly fantastic to see what people have done so far for this project. I'll be sharing all the images arriving with a short guiding story on this website (and on Facebook but that will take some more time). That way you can all follow the progress and get that special book when it comes out next year!

For those thinking, why would people get the book when they can watch it online? Well, the book is something you can hold. A final product and important collection of images which will be representing a defining era of which its true impact will only become truly known over time. You will become part of history so to speak. Online things will vanish in time, but a book, a decent book, is a keeper.

Aside from that maybe sentimental reason I feel that a project about the economical crisis should be accessible to everyone, also to those that don't have the money to buy the book. It's about all of you after all!

As for the people wondering about the use of digital images, yes, some came in on accident as one person thought, why use a disposable camera when I have my own. And there is one person, Raphael Fellmer, whose goal in life is to keep his footprint on earth as small as possible (by living on things that got thrown away for example) that using a disposable camera would go against all his beliefs. That's too much to ask so I've made certain exceptions on the use of digital images. 

Anyway, I hope you have fun looking at the images and would that inspire you to join..? It's still possible!

Link to the wonderful entries so far.

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