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Posted on January 20, 2012

In my search for sponsors I’ve had quite a bit of luck so far. And today Transcontinenta, a Dutch distributor of Gitzo, Lexar, Leica, Tamron etc. said that they wanted to support the project by donating €100,- ! They also searched for disposable cameras that could fit through a mailbox but didn’t find any but this makes me happy too! Comes in handy when paying all those shipping cost:)

Ralph Delnoy from Signware also said he’d like to support the project by taking care of a professional website including the hosting. That makes me very happy too! This Tuesday we have an appointment to talk things through so I’ll keep you posted! Don’t worry, this site will remain but in time probably will just function as a link-through to the “official” site.

There is still this initial sponsor where I would say more about. He’s still looking to get disposable camera that fit through a mailbox and will also support the project financially. Fantastic news and will be updated soon!

So all good things and people…don’t forget to sign up for those cameras if you haven’t already…

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