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Posted on January 18, 2012

I just came home from a nice chat I had with Miguel Essers from io communicatie. He offered to help out with the construction of the book and since I don’t have any experience whatsoever making such a thing I gladly accepted this.

He invited me for a talk to see what the possibilities are on both sides and what I expected from the book. In the next couple of weeks, and definitely months, we will exchange ideas on what this book should look like and how it’s going to be printed.

Not only layout and design will be important but also how it’s going to be manufactured. At first I had Blurb in mind as it would mean I won’t have to run the risk having to print at least a 1000 books to get it started but Blurb has some disadvantages such as not a high enough consistent quality in black-and-printing and no option of adding an ISBN-number to it (as far as I can tell) so that it can be sold in stores. We’ll be on the look-out for anyone willing to help out with these issues, preferably sponsored so all the money we raise can go to the charity.

Will keep you posted for more news on this and other things.

Thank you Miguel for offering your time to help this project on a voluntary basis. It’s what keeps this project alive and will take it to another level!

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